Safety Standards

Safety is an integral part of the corporation's operational policies and its Mission Statement. Z & R Trucking and Construction Contracting Co. Ltd and all its owner operators recognize and believe in maintaining high standards of safety at all times.

To ensure this, the officers of the corporation, drivers and owner operators are required to undertake mandatory safety training as prescribed by the industry. More over they are also required to take retraining on an annual basis to keep up with new developments and ideas.

For hauling contaminated soil and hazardous waste, the company has a safety contingency plan and all officers and drivers are familiar with this plan.

The company recognizes and understands its responsibility and accountability for safety, but not limited to the safety of its employees, the general public and third parties, facilities, property of the owner and the property of the third parties.

In General

The corporation recognizes that:

  1. The health and safety of all persons are of paramount importance in conduct of its business;
  2. Risk inherent in all operations will be managed to prevent occupational injuries and illness;
  3. Management and drivers are responsible for and are held accountable for providing a safe work environment with proper equipment, procedures, training and programs;
  4. All employees and owner operators must accept their responsibility to comply with health and safety legislation and established rules and procedures. Employees and owner operators are expected to work in manner, which safeguards themselves and co-workers.
  5. The corporation expects to achieve excellence in health and safety performances through the support and active participation of all officers and employees.