At Z&R we sincerely believe that safety is everyone's business and is an integral part of every employee's job.

The importance of the rules and procedures cannot be over emphasized. It is the responsibility of all transportation personnel to become fully acquainted with them and adhere to them at all times. Management will review infractions to any rule or procedure within appropriate action taken. If you have any questions regarding the information or policies, please do not hesitate to ask our supervisor.

The work locations and the types of work done by Z&R are potentially hazardous to workers. In the interest of worker and driver safety, Z&R has developed many safe work practices and job procedures to assist supervisors and workers with the identification and control of hazards. A comprehensive list of safe work practices that are used by Z&R are found in the corporate Health and Safety Management Guide.

Safety as an inherent value

Z&R Trucking Inc. is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our colleagues, the public and our environment. We are committed to the goal of no one getting hurt both on and off the job. We see health and safety as a 24/7 endeavor and are committed to promoting this value among all our employees.

Specifically, Z&R is committed to the development and implementation of operating procedures and practices that provide a safe environment in which all employees may work efficiently without fear of incident or injury. In addition to this commitment, management supports industry-wide safety initiatives, including the Partner's program with the Workers Compensation Board and Alberta Human Resources and Employment.

Safety is an integral part of Z&R's effort to provide quality service. Thus, management will promote and implement an effective health and safety management system to minimize the loss associated with work-related incidents while ensuring the work performed is to the highest level of service. This policy applies to all elements of Z&R's health and safety management system.


All drivers have Class 1 drivers' licenses and have a minimum of 5 years gravel trucking and hauling contaminated soil and hazardous waste experience.