Incident Reporting

Z & R Trucking and Construction Contracting Co. Ltd., and all owner operators shall report within 24 hours of occurrences of incidents and complete an Incident Investigation with the assistance of respective owner operator working as trucking subcontractor:

  1. Disability injury or Lost Time Injury: personal injuries that result in lost time extending beyond the day if incident;
  2. Medical Aid: personal injuries which require diagnosis and medical treatment outside of work site. (No lost time results beyond the day of incident. If complications develop at a later date, which result in lost time, a follow-up report is required reclassifying the incident as lost time injury);
  3. First Aid: any one time treatment or subsequent observations of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters, which does not require medical care;
  4. Vehicle Accident: all accidents involving vehicles used for construction activity.
  5. Fires: all fires regardless of size or resulting damage, either to Owner facilities, trucking subcontractor's facilities or to facilities of others.
  6. Property Damage: stationary structures, buildings, surface piping (manifolds, overhead piping, etc), tanks, buried pipelines, vessels, etc including Owner's Trucking subcontractors' and other's;
  7. Material Losses: theft of construction materials, materials damaged in transit, etc.
  8. Business Interruptions: any and all unplanned incidents, which result in production losses, schedule disruptions/delays, Financial losses to Owner, etc;
  9. Security: all security violations, which occur as a result of unauthorized actions of the Trucking subcontractor and / or employee working under his direct or indirect supervision (third party);
  10. Near Accidents: all unplanned events, which did not result in any losses whereby losses were only avoided by luck;
  11. Other: all other incidents, which are not classified, which result in losses to Owner, Trucking subcontractor and others.
  12. Soil spills.


Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Z & R Trucking and Construction Contracting Co. Ltd., employee and all owner operators shall not be under the influence of any mind or perception altering substances while on the job-site or while operating a vehicle or piece of equipment. Forbidden substances include, but are not limited to: Alcohol, Cold Medications that induce drowsiness, Pain Relievers containing Codeine and any Illegal Drugs.


All drivers have training in safety standards and operating equipment in a safe and professional manner. They are also required to undergo mandatory hearing tests to ensure that they have no hearing disability.

Additional Information:

A. Records of Daily and Annual Inspections:

Every truck driver working for this corporation provides a Daily Trip Inspection Report by forwarding the white copy of the form. Trucks on long route haul provide copies of the Motor Vehicle Operators Daily Log Book. Both of these reports are completed and returned to Z & R Trucking and Construction Contracting Co. Ltd.

Daily Reports are held for a period of three months and the Motor Vehicle Operators Daily Log Book for six months.

In case of emergency repairs, drivers report those repairs to Z & R Trucking and Construction Contracting Co. Ltd. Also since ICBC requires Inspection Reports on all vehicles, these inspections are done and the reports are kept on file.

These ICBC inspection and repair reports are kept in file for a period of three years.

B. First Aid Kits:

The enclosed Contingency Plan shows that all trucks are equipped with B.C. Level 1 Fist Aid Kits and each kit contains the following:

  1. Accident report book.
  2. Emergency report tips.
  3. CPR Aid Compact Mask.
  4. Cotton bandages.
  5. Triangle bandages.
  6. Q Tips.
  7. Moist towels.
  8. Band Aids.
  9. Sterile Elastic Bandages.
  10. Benzakonium Chloride Antiseptic Toilette.
  11. Sterile Combine ABD Pads.
  12. Eye wash.
  13. Surgical gloves.


C. Fire Extinguishers:

Every truck is equipped with fire extinguishers.